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  • Chocolate Ultimate Ice Cream Mix - 4L x 4

    Code: 655-20
    We are proud to offer our lower fat soft serve ice cream. We’ve formulated our 10% butterfat mix to perform like a premium mix, without the premium price tag.
    4L (case of 4)
  • Vanilla Ice Milk Mix - 4L x 4

    Code: 655-06
    Get the skinny on our lighter, lower fat alternative to soft serve ice cream mix.
    4L (case of 4)
  • Malt Mix - 4L x 4

    Code: 655-08
    A premium soft serve malt.
    4L (case of 4)
  • Cinnamalt Mix - 4L x 4

    Code: 655-44
    A premium soft serve malt with cinnamon.

    4L (case of 4)

  • Custard Mix - 4L x 4

    Code: 655-23
    If the Queen ate soft serve ice cream, she would insist on Foothills Creamery’s custard mix! Posh (but never pretentious), this luxurious soft serve is made with real egg yolk for a thicker, more sumptuous swirl.
    4L (case of 4)
  • Milkshake Mix - 4L x 4

    Code: 655-03
    An unbeatable base – for the perfect shake every time.
    4L (case of 4)
  • 12% Base Ice Cream Mix - 4L x 4

    Code: 655-18
    Our premium liquid ice cream for use in batch and continuous freezers.
    4L (case of 4)
  • Sorbet Mix - 4L x 4

    Code: 655-05
    Serve up inspired sorbets with our plant-based sorbet mixes.
    4L (case of 4)
  • 3.3% B.F. Vanilla Yogurt Mix - 4L x 4

    Code: 655-16
    Our top-of-the-line frozen yogurt is dreamy, creamy and delicious.
    4L (case of 4)
  • Chocolate Yogurt Mix - 4L x 4

    Code: 655-19
    For those who believe chocolate should be forgiven, not forbidden!
    4L (case of 4)
  • Fat Free Yogurt Mix - 4L x 4

    Code: 655-21
    You earned it. Fat free and full of flavour.
    4L (case of 4)
  • No Sugar Added Yogurt Mix - 4L x 4

    Code: 655-33
    No sugar. Low Fat. Clear conscience!
    4L (case of 4)
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