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  • Caramel Crunch (No Sugar Added) - 11.4L

    Code: 652-01
    Caramel frozen desert with pecans and an NSA caramel ribbon.
  • Cookie Dough - 500mL x 8

    Code: 645-10
    Who wants to lick the spoon? Cookie dough flavoured ice cream with thick chunks of chocolate chips and cookie dough.

    500mL (case of 8)

  • Mango - 500mL x 8

    Code: 645-11
    Escape to the tropics with our unique and exotic blast of mango ice cream.
  • Mocha Mountain - 500mL x 8

    Code: 645-09
    An eye opener, infusing coffee ice cream with espresso flakes, cookie crumbs and chocolate marble.
  • Peanut Butter Party - 500mL x 8

    Code: 645-08
    Fill your mouth with this crispety, crunchety, peanut buttery masterpiece. Vanilla ice cream with peanut butter ribbon and real pieces of Butterfingers.
  • Salted Chocolate Caramel - 500mL x 8

    Code: 645-12
    Premium chocolate ice cream with sea salt caramel. Resistance is futile.
  • Sangria Sorbet - 500mL x 8

    Code: 645-13
    Passion fruit and white wine sangria sorbet. Cool, fruity, refreshing.
  • All Canadian Moose - 1.4L x 3

    Code: 643-50
    A majestic combination of vanilla ice cream, chocolate marble and peanut butter cups. Moose-alicious.

    1.4L (case of 3)

  • Cotton Candy - 1.4L x 3

    Code: 643-58
    Fluffy pink cotton candy ice cream swirled with blue marshmallow ribbon. Like a day at the carnival!

    1.4L (case of 3)

  • Groovy Ube - 1.4L x 3

    Code: 643-63
    Groovy Uby or Grooveh Ube? Either way, this purple tongue-twister will leave your taste buds craving more.

    1.4L (case of 3)

  • Maple Walnut - 1.4L x 3

    Code: 643-53
    Stand on guard for this maple ice cream with walnut chunks.

    1.4L (case of 3)

  • Mint Chocolate Chip - 1.4L x 3

    Code: 643-54
    Bright green mint ice cream loaded with chocolate chips. Taste-a-licious.

    1.4L (case of 3)

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