Ice Cream

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  • Cereal Bowl - 1.4L x 3

    Code: 643-62
    The perfect cereal-to-milk ratio. Creamy cereal milk base sprinkled with real cereal bits.

    1.4L (case of 3)

  • Mint Chocolate Chip - 1.4L x 3

    Code: 643-54
    Bright green mint ice cream loaded with chocolate chips. Taste-a-licious.

    1.4L (case of 3)

  • Old Fashioned Chocolate - 1.4L x 3

    Code: 643-51
    Foothills Creamery brings unexpected richness to this all-time favourite.

    1.4L (case of 3)

  • Old Fashioned Vanilla - 1.4L x 3

    Code: 643-56
    Simple, pure and sophisticated, our vanilla showcases the richness that sets Foothills Creamery apart.

    1.4L (case of 3)

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