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  • Old Fashioned Chocolate - 1.4L x 3

    Code: 643-51
    Foothills Creamery brings unexpected richness to this all-time favourite.

    1.4L (case of 3)

  • Raspberry Chocolate Truffle - 1.4L x 3

    Code: 643-61
    Love at first bite. Vanilla ice cream swirled with raspberry ribbon and raspberry chocolate flakes.

    1.4L (case of 3)

  • Shark Attack - 1.4L x 3

    Code: 643-57
    Sink your teeth into blue-raspberry and shark-grey vanilla ice creams, with a swirl of raspberry ribbon.

    1.4L (case of 3)

  • Sea Salt Caramel Fudge - 1.4L x 3

    Code: 643-60
    Sweet. Salty. Scrumptious. Vanilla ice cream with fudge chunks and caramel swirl.

    1.4L (case of 3)

  • Tiger - 1.4L x 3

    Code: 643-59
    That sound? Roars of approval for our tasty orange ice cream striped with black licorice.

    1.4L (case of 3)

  • Toasted Coconut (Lactose Free) - 1.4L x 3

    Code: 643-55
    Our lactose-free coconut ice cream with toasted coconut shavings lets you indulge in comfort.

    1.4L (case of 3)

  • Cinnamalt Swirl - 500mL x 8

    Code: 645-07
    Bring home the dome with our cinnamon-chocolate and vanilla flavoured ice cream, as featured at the games! Crafted in collaboration with our partners at the Calgary Flames, enjoy our famous Cinnamalt Swirl soft serve - now as a hard ice cream.

    **Must be located in the Calgary area to purchase and stock this product. Please speak with your Territory Sales Manager to confirm.

    500mL (case of 8)

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