The Ultimate Chuckwagon Experience

Wagon 2.png

If you kept up with the GMC Rangeland Derby at the Calgary Stampede this year chances are you noticed something a little more ‘sweet’ than usual. On Sunday, July 7, Foothills Creamery was given the opportunity to be featured on Kris Flannagan’s chuckwagon during day three of this 10 day event.

The Group 2.png

This unique experience grated the whole Foothills team behind the scenes access to the stables and all activities in between. Among other activities, the educational portion of the evening gave us a chance to see all the hard work that happens behind the scenes in preparation for these massive events. Kris Flannagan and his team were excellent leaders; explaining race preparation, eating rituals and the personal relationships they build with their horses off the track. Despite the controversy over horse racing this year, if there’s one person that cares about these animals it’s the drivers.  

In addition to this educational aspect of the experience, Foothills was also granted exclusive in-field seats to watch the excitement unfold. It’s an experience like no other. You can taste the dirt as the horn blows and drivers are off! It’s very exciting and rewarding to see your brand flying down the track as you and your team cheers them on!

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