On August 1st, Foothills Creamery set out on a road trip across British Columbia. Our customers are what matters most to us and so we wanted to come say hi and update them on what we’ve been doing lately! We packed up our gear, #DonnyTheTravellingCone, and headed out West.

Our first stop was the Goodies Candy Shop in Lake Louise. We arrived at the perfect time as the park was just opening and there were only a few visitors. The shop is located on the lower floor of the Fairmont Chateau. It’s pretty tiny so you may miss it, but just look for our Foothills Creamery sign! Inside, you’ll find bright green walls covered in jars of candy and treats! We said hello and grabbed a cone to go before heading off to the next stop!


Next, we arrived at Canyon Hot Springs. The resort is located in Revelstoke, BC, right in the heart of the mountains!  Again, you may miss this one, but there’s a BIG sign... you might just have to make a screeching last minute turn. Here we toured the hot springs, took some awesome pictures with #DonnyTheTravellingCone and then headed out again! We definitely wished we could have stayed longer to take a dip in the hot springs!


Our third and fourth stops of the day were in Salmon Arm, BC. We stopped by The Shack Ice Cream Shoppe, which is located just off a street corner in town. When you walk up, you’ll find the shop’s door is wide open and outside on the patio are plenty of families eating ice cream together. We chatted a while with the staff and even got them posing for some pictures! Promise us you’ll check these guys out if you’re ever in Salmon Arm!

Just a few blocks down, we stopped at The Candy Vault on Hudson. Boy is this place ever cool! With an exterior straight out of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, it draws you in immediately. Once you get inside, you’ll see the walls are tiled with jars of candy, chocolates, mints, and lollipops. However, the best part is hiding in the back, where you’ll find an original bank vault from Nova Scotia Bank, dating back to the 1950’s! Inside, they store their candy and Foothills Creamery ice cream.

Next up on the road trip was Moo-Lix in Kelowna. Located just steps from the beach, you couldn’t find a better place to get ice cream! The shop is bright and colorful, and the smell is AMAZING. They make their waffle cones fresh in house every day. They even serve up Foothills Creamery ice cream in waffle bowls!  If you plan on visiting here, don’t be deterred by the line out the door – it’s worth the wait.


After Moo-Lix, we took off towards Kettle Valley Coffee & Scoops, which is also in Kelowna. If you want a quaint neighborhood coffee shop that’s good for kids, this is the place. Here they have ice cream, coffee, snacks, board games and even a play area!


Next up was My Udder Store in Greenwood! They were our very first customer when we opened up our warehouse in Kelowna. Since it’s located in the smallest incorporated city in Canada, it’s a great attraction for those that want to get away from it all. They sell 24 of our flavors so you shouldn’t have trouble deciding which one to get ;) After grabbing a cone, be sure to walk around the tiny town, they have some really unique architecture worth seeing!


For our next stop, we took a trip back to the 50’s! The Ice Creamery in Christina Lake is a retro styled diner with over 40 of our flavours! Inside you’ll see the walls decked out with vintage memorabilia, checkered floor tiles and red cushioned seating. The Ice Creamery is the perfect photo op for any savvy Instagrammer. We may have stayed here a little longer just to take pictures.


Next, we drove out to Creston to visit our friends at Happy Trails Ice Cream Parlour! Another shop that will transport you back in time. Here we came across some kids who eagerly asked us to take their picture while eating ice cream! Happy Trails uses our waffle mix to make their waffle cones in house. The retro décor combined with the amazing smell is reason enough to stop by here multiple times a day.

Happy Tails.jpg

Following Happy Trails, we headed out to one of our newer customers, Two Scoop Steve in Yahk. After buying out the shop, the new owners have been killing it this summer! You definitely won’t find this place empty. Thankfully, they offer plenty of seating outside for families. If you’re driving down the highway, you won’t miss this place!

Last but not least, we made our final stop at The Scoopin’ Moose in Canmore, Alberta. You can’t get more Canadian than this place. Again, you walk in and you can smell the amazing scent of waffle cones being made. You’ll also find an adorable stuffed moose perched in the corner! Before we left, we got a celebratory scoop of our All Canadian Moose to finish off the trip!

Scooping Moose.jpg