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This year at Foothills Creamery, we are releasing a record seven new flavours. Usually, we only launch four a year, but we just couldn't help ourselves.

The new flavours coming your way are Shark Attack, Tropical Snap Soda, Just Peachy, Crème Brûlée, Cinnamon Twist, and our two lactose-free options, Oh Macaroon and Strawberry Sensation. 

There is a lot of time and effort that goes into making a brand new flavor. Aside from actually eating the ice cream, the creation process is half the fun!

In the fall of each year, our management team holds their annual general meeting. During this meeting, the team sits at a round table and conducts a taste test of all the supplier's submissions. Foothills Creamery requires that all submissions include at least one "kid friendly" flavour.

Following each taste test, the team member records their rating out of 10 and their comments.

If a flavour doesn't taste that great, but the team thinks the ingredients would work really well with another concept, they may combine submissions.

From there, our production planner will take all of the flavour ratings and average out the top four. They will then call the suppliers and ask for the minimum order for ingredients - this is the biggest factor in deciding a new flavour. For instance, one flavour got scrapped because the minimum order of one of its key ingredients would last for almost three years, which is way too risky for a brand new flavour. Our production planner will look for alternative ingredients if this is the case. Most of the time, Foothills already has a lot of the ingredients required.

If all goes well and we can order a suitable amount of ingredients for the trial run, the flavour moves forward. It must then pass a series of nutritional and quality assurance tests before the flavour is finalized.

And last but not least, picking the name – this is easily the most fun part of it all. Here at Foothills, we like to put our own creative spin on our flavours. Most often, we hold contests among employees to see who can create the best name. For example, our brand new flavour, Tropical Snap Soda, was named by our production planner’s daughter!

We take pride in the hard work that goes into creating a new flavour. With every creation, our customers can expect simply the best!