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  • Old Fashion Vanilla: Premium vanilla ice cream

  • Maple Nut: Maple flavoured ice cream with mixed walnuts

  • All Canadian Moose: Vanilla ice cream with chocolate marble and peanut butter cups

  • Mint Chocolate Chip: Green mint flavoured ice cream with chocolate chips

  • Old Fashion Chocolate: Rich chocolate flavour

  • Toasted Coconut: Coconut flavoured ice cream with toasted coconut shavings

  • Espresso Fudge: Coffee cinnamon flavoured ice cream with espresso flakes, cookie crumbs and chocolate marble



This summer we have something special just for you! 11.4L pails of Paradise Rainbow and Cinnamon Twist are only $32.95 while supplies last. Call one of our warehouse locations and order today!                                                                                             

  • Calgary 1-800-661-4909

  • Edmonton and Kelowna 1-800-783-8577


Introducing our five *new* flavours, just in time for summer 2018!!

  • Panda-monium: Vanilla and black licorice ice cream swirled together

  • Sea Salt Caramel fudge: Vanilla ice cream with salted fudge pieces and sea salt caramel swirl

  • Honey Cashew Crunch: Cream flavoured ice cream with honey ribbon and honey coated cashews

  • Limezilla: Citrus punch flavoured ice cream with sweet lime sauce

  • Berry Berry Trifle: Cake battered flavoured ice cream with shortbread pieces and mixed fruit


Lactose Free Flavours only $25

All 5.7L pails of our Oh Macaroon and Strawberry Sensation flavours are now only $25 each! Same premium ice cream you've come to expect from Foothills Creamery, only with no lactose! Try it today!


The Pandas are here!

In honour of the new Panda family arriving at the Calgary Zoo, we have created a *new* ice cream flavour, Panda-monium! Vanilla and licorice ice cream swirled together. For a limited time only, order now!




Now you're probably thinking, what the heck does that mean? Well, it means we got our Food Safety System Certification and are now globally recognized for having a robust and effective food safety management system. Self high-five!



Foothills Creamery has added an enzyme to the ice cream mix that breaks down the lactose, enabling worry free digestion for those that are lactose intolerant! Now EVERYONE can enjoy our ice cream!

Lactose free is also a better tasting option than dairy free, as the flavour remains the same without needing a dairy substitute like soy or almond milk. This allows us to maintain that rich, creamy flavour Foothills Creamery is known for!

Our Lactose Free flavours are Oh Macaroon and Strawberry Sensation!