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*new* waffle and cone accessories!

Foothills Creamery has some great new products for the ice cream season! 

Waffle Crunch™ is the perfect topping for donuts, ice cream, gelato, soft serve, frozen
yogurt and desserts of your choice. Available in large and fine granules.
How do you use Waffle Crunch?
+ Simply dip your dessert into the Waffle Crunch to garnish
+ Use Waffle Crunch in cake bases such as cheese cakes
+ Add Waffle Crunch to your favourite cereal
+ Allergic to nuts but missing the Crunchy texture; substitute nuts for Waffle Crunch™

Rolled Wafers can be enjoyed with coffee, tea, or on their own. They can also be filled with, gelato, frozen yogurt, soft serve ice cream, ricotta and custard, just to name a
Our rolled wafers are choc-lined which gives that extra crunch and flavour, as well as prevent the rolled wafer from becoming soft when filled.

We also carry new cone displays that will truly make them stand out from the rest!

Feel free to contact us about any questions or orders!


*New* goji's frozen yogurt

Foothills Creamery is proud to partner with goji’s, and supply them with our Greek Yogurt Mix!