Foothills Creamery Vanilla Chocolate Ice Cream Pops



-          2 cups dark chocolate chips 

-          2 tablespoons coconut oil

-          1.4L Foothills Creamery Old Fashion Vanilla Ice Cream

-          Toasted coconut and/rainbow sprinkles (or whatever desired topping you would like)

-          Popsicle sticks

-          Popsicle mold

-          Plastic wrap


1.       Line popsicle molds with plastic wrap; make sure it is secure and won’t move around

2.       Scoop ice cream into molds, filling the entire tray and press popsicle sticks in each one

3.       Freeze for minimum 4 hours, overnight is best

4.       While ice cream is freezing in molds, combine dark chocolate chips and coconut oil in a sauce pan to melt slowly on low heat, stirring consistently to ensure it doesn’t burn

5.       Once completely melted let cool and remove ice cream from freezer

6.       Pull ice cream pops from each mold and remove plastic wrap

7.       Dip in chocolate and immediately sprinkle with desired topping

8.       Store in freezer until ready to eat!