Is there anything ice cream can’t do? It cures bad days, makes the good ones last, and it’s the perfect way to beat the summer heat. But, did you ever think it could also help feed over 6,000 hungry children in Kenya?

Well Foothills Creamery sure did.

Don’t worry, these children weren’t eating just ice cream. Instead, thousands of hungry children received over 600 delicious meals this past March thanks to the generous collaboration between Watson Road Elementary School in Kelowna, BC, Hope For The Nations, Food For Thought Kelowna Breakfast Society, Starbucks, and Foothills Creamery.

On March 3rd, 2017, each class at Watson Road Elementary received a box with cake pops sticking out of the top. Each child pulled out a cake pop, some of which were decorated with coloured rings. If a child pulled out a winning cake pop, they received one of various prizes including gift cards, sports equipment, books for the library, coffee for the teachers, and easily the most enticing – an ice cream sundae party.

Has anyone ever heard of a more fun and exciting fundraiser than this?

No surprise, the event was a huge success and raised $3,000 – above and beyond their target goal of $2,000, which alone would have bought 660 breakfasts for Hope for the Nations Kenya Feeding Program and food for 1,500 children for two weeks in Kelowna.

Gill Drakeford-Lewis, the Community Outreach Coordinator, thanked Foothills Creamery for their participation, "It isn’t just about giving free ice cream, it makes everyone feel better about their community, and feels like we are all working together to make the world better."

Thanks to some ice cream and many kind hearts, this amazing collaboration helped feed hungry children, taught students the value of helping others, and allowed Foothills Creamery to lend a hand by serving simply the best!